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Balinese Massage

 Mostly Preferred By Massage Enthusiast 

Balinese Massage is the most common massage that puts a pleasing effect on your body and mind. If you want a lavish and relaxing massage Balinese Massage would be the right choice for you. If you are here for the first time, let me tell you that Balinese Massage is not just a practice but a luxurious way of living. Once you get a Balinese Massage at Rubs Spa you will experience a heavenly feeling that would euphony your body and soul.

Studies  have proven that guests who take a Balinese Massage for 30 to 90 minutes almost fall asleep in the first 15 minutes due to the relaxing effects of the massage. The massage done here is in a congenial surrounding and gradually the massage gears up towards endmost composure. The primary goal of the massage is to create a harmony between the mind and the body.

Balinese Massage and other massages at Rubs Spa are performed by highly experienced and licensed therapists. A Balinese massage can be practiced with a gentle or sturdy pressure of the palms and thumb. At Rubs Spa the massage can be easily customized with the help of our experts


At Rubs Spa the Balinese Massage is done in a very luxurious surrounding. The guest is laid down on a professional couch, the therapist applies massage oil onto your body and performs strokes in order to release stress and have a relaxing effect on your body. The massage will melt away your strain and anxiety.

Before the massage the therapist will ask you your requirements and may customize your massage if there are any special needs. The massage at Rubs Spa is done with special care and with a motive to help you gain relaxation and brace harmony into your body.

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Balinese Massage Benefits

  • The relaxing and tender strokes during a Balinese Massage bring you to a zone full or comfort and luxury
  • The massage is ideal for those who are too possessive about their body. It is relaxing as well as enhances your skin glow form scalp to foot.
  • Balinese Massage is enough to provide you with a relaxed soul, more over the effects of the products used during the massage is beneficial
  • After a massage your body starts functioning better and you feel free from muscle pain and stress