Things your Massage Therapist must be Aware of

A massage therapist is a person who performs bodywork in order to treat ailments and drive you to a state of relaxation and tranquil. We all want the perfect treatment! The virtue of a therapy depends on how well you inform your massage therapist about your ailments and disorders. Everybody is different in terms of form and shape and so a massage must be molded to suit your physical and mental condition.

Before you walk into a spa for a massage you need to talk with the therapist and answer the questionnaire he/she provides you. However, your therapist may be efficient enough to figure out your problems and points of the body that need special attention. In such a situation your liability to inform him/her about what’s needed by your body decreases a bit.

But if a masseuse is too much indulged in scrutinizing what is to be done or what’s going on, they won’t get the adequate time to offer your body the healing touch. Everything is based on how well you lead your massage therapist. Informing what is going on with your body is much more important than just lying down and enjoying the massage strokes. Here are some of the things which you need to address while a massage session.


Discuss about your Lifestyle

Lifestyle is one of the biggest factors that affect your health. You may be stressed due to your office works or physical labor might leave you in a state of agony. So, it is important for the therapist to know what kind of a person you are.

If you therapist is well informed of your lifestyle he/she can recommend ways to keep yourself healthy. Tell the masseuse about your day to day stress level, whether you are indulged in any physical activity and which position do your maintain all day long.

Tell about Injuries

Usually, the first thing therapists ask is past injuries. Sometimes past injuries seem to glare while a massage session, if you feel any pain during the massage inform the therapist. He/she can make you feel better with some special bodywork.

Inform about ongoing problems

You may be knowing the reason to visit the therapist. It may be neck pain, back pain, soreness in the muscles or sleep disorders. The therapist must be aware of your body conditions such as pregnancy. Inform if you are taking medicines for relief and cure.

Be Semi-Active during the Massage

The therapist may be an expert but he/she would not know your body better than you. You should be a partially active role while getting a massage. Suggest the therapist special massage strokes if needed. You may also ask to increase or decrease the pressure as per the requirement of your muscles.

This is quite similar to providing a review. Let your masseuse know the areas of your body which require additional care and help them treat you in a better way

Convey Your Feedback

Every therapist waits for the valuable feedback of the guest when he/she leaves the spa. Some people hold back their reviews out of fear of offending the therapist or sometime they are too shy to place their feedback.

Don’t be that person! Provide your feedback and end the wait of the therapist. Your review might help the therapist offer you a better body work next time.