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Rubs Spa creates a serene atmosphere at your dwelling where one can take a massage to help body relax and unwind mind. Our spa has turned to be the best venue for body and mind relaxation. The home massage services offered by our therapists are loved by a lot of customers. Rubs Spa is a beautiful massage center at Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West. Here we offer 24×7 home services where we create a spa like atmosphere at your home. Couples as well as singles can get a luxurious massage in an extremely relaxing atmosphere fabricated by our therapists.

The customer can select from a variety of massages that fits their needs or you can also customize a massage with the help of our experts at Rubs Spa. Our valuable clients are always welcome to enjoy our hospitality and authentic massage. Rubs Spa is an easily accessible and solace place for a luxurious massage and stress relief.

Since opening the doors of Rubs Spa, our massage specialists and experts have been dedicated to offering the best massage treatments in an elegant surrounding. The massages done here offer myriad benefits to the body and soul.


No one can deny the fact that a massage has plenty of health benefits. Massage is considered to be one of the crucial things you need to heal an ailment, right? Because what we have seen so far is, when all our efforts to heal health issues have gone in vain we conclude with a massage. But, I bet there was once a time when a massage was done to cure all kinds of disorders. These days massage has been just a source of relaxation and elegance. The fact is we all love to visit a massage parlor or spa on special occasions or weekends just to repose our body and soul.

Rubs Spa is always delighted to offer its guests a massage for stress relief and promote relaxation. However, you might not be aware of the fact that a massage is highly efficient for healing of a wide range of disarrays in the body. Massage is beyond a lazing experience, it has a lot of alleviating powers. Just scroll down and know the health benefits of a massage.

A massage is known to make your body see off pain.  The strokes involved in a massage eliminate back pain, shoulder pain, help in curing arthritis, improve sleep, and heal pain due to muscle soreness and other muscle disorders. It is more effective in eliminating pain than any other medication or technique. Moreover, some medications like a pain killer can have side effects on your body while a massage is completely natural. The techniques involved in a massage therapy not only bring relief from all sorts of pain but also drive your body and soul towards a heavenly state of harmony.

This is no less than a health benefit! A bad mood can be a cause of stress and anxiety which can eventually lead to chronic illness. Massage Therapy can regulate a good mood and help you to hit your goals harder. This is because massage regulates a better flow of blood and oxygen into your body. After a massage you may be feeling fresh and filled with energy to start a new work.

One of the proven benefits of a massage therapy is better sleep. A study in the American Health Journal has stated that a major portion of the people who visit a therapist for a massage tend to experience a better sleep. Behind a better sleep there is regulated hormone level and increased levels of serotonin. This leads to a better sleep cycle and helps the human body to remain healthy.

Fibromyalgia may be a curse that accompanies pain and fatigue. Curing this ailments through a medicine could be a lengthy process. However, a massage can be of great help for a Fibromyalgia treatment. In most of the cases a massage works. It acts as a pain killer lowering pain and stress hormones.

Although massage is a great way to keep your body and mind healthy, it’s not that easy, you need to take a massage on a regular basis. This is much better than those unnatural medications and drugs to boost your health and well-being. Call or email Rubs Spa to book an appointment for a massage. We are always anxious to serve our guests