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All your efforts to relieve stress have gone in vain? Rubs Spa in Lokhandwala is open 24/7 for its valuable customers to give them a relaxing break from everyday life. Rubs Spa is a massage center for females located in the heart of Mumbai City. Our beautiful spa in Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West provides a perfect venue for couples as well as singles. However, you can take advantage of our home services to enjoy a massage at your comfort zone.

At Rubs Spa in lokhandwala you can relax your body and soul. It offers some of the best massages that are enough to give your day a fresh start and awaken your soul. The products used by our massage specialists are high end which ensure your health safety. You can get a massage to relax your body, relieve stress, heal injuries, anxiety and much more.

Our Spa in Lokhandwala is designed to impress the world with an amazingly set beautiful decor. Rubs Spa in Lokhandwala is the only place in Mumbai where you can customize Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Back Massage and Stress Relief in a massage session. We offer excellent massage at home services as well

Here the customer can select a massage type as per their requirement and mood. You are always welcome to enjoy our authentic massage services and hospitality. The staff at Rubs Spa in Lokhandwala consists of the best massage therapists of the Mumbai City. Serving since 6 years the Spa has won the hearts of people and is widely known as the best place for body and soul relaxation.

Those women who have a very busy schedule are quite accustomed to stress, slight muscle pain, back pain and these kinds of problems find Rubs Spa in Lokhandwala services as their best relaxation partner. Every massage service is performed with special care and attention so as to make you take a relaxing break from a life full of hassle.

The therapy used at Rubs Spa in Lokhandwala includes long smooth strokes to short percussive strokes. Oil and cream are the medium for full body massage here. The massage technology used is completely modern and has been used by the best massage centers of the world. You can take body massage in Rubs Spa form 30 minutes to 2 hours, as per your requirement and mood.

Give us a call for pre-booking and enjoy our exclusive massage at home service. For marvelous occasions, birthday parties, bridal showers we offer a special relaxing massage that refreshes your body as well as your soul. If you are confused while deciding which massage to take, our therapists are here to assist you or they might give you a customized massage, depending upon your goals or special needs.

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Massage For Enhanced Skin Care 

Skin Care & Relaxation

Everyone loves to be the master of beautiful skin. As the skin is the clothing of the body it deserves a special care and attention. You may be spending thousands on skin care products, moisturizers, toners and creams. Anti-Ageing products have been common since the past couple of years. Winter might leave your skin dry and deprived of nutrients. In such situations you need to enrich your skin to make you look toned and beautiful.  

If you are tired of trying out these unnatural methods of skin care then you must try out a massage. A massage is a completely natural way to heal your skin. Rubs Spa in Lokhandwala is here to bring you the benefits of a massage for a healthier and beautiful skin.

One of the most common culprits behind skin tissue damage is stress. It may snatch the beauty and liveliness of your skin and make you look dull. Read the post below to find out how stress can cause a bad skin.

spa in lokhandwala

Stress Increases your Skin Sensitivity

Stress is the main culprit behind making your skin more sensitive. Stress releases a certain kind of chemical response in the body that reduces the healing power of the skin. This means if your skin is infected by any kind of ailment, it would take a lot of time to heal.

In a condition of stress the human body produces more cortisol and hormones that increases the oil production in the body. This means your skin will be prone to acne and other skin problems

Stress can be the reason behind Lives and Rashes

Stress building in the human body sometimes cause a conflict between the good and bad bacteria. When such phenomenon occurs there are more chances of rashes and hives.

Skin Problems can be worsened due to Stress

Are you dealing with skin issues such as rosacea, psoriasis and eczema? If ‘Yes’ then stress can act as a devil for your condition. It can worsen your skin disease conditions and drive you towards pain.

Stress can fasten Ageing

Skin care involves taking care of the wrinkles. Researches have shown that there are more chances of experiencing wrinkles when a person is stressed. However, there is no such evidence to prove this statement. You can definitely add a massage therapy into your weekly regime and add to your well-being goals

Stress Hinders Daily Skin Care

You might be aware of the fact that stress tends to keep us away from hitting our everyday goals. Whatever your skin care goals may be stress is enough to drive you towards negativity. If you are stressed there are more chances that you will skip your skin care efforts


Rubs Spa in Lokhandwala brings you a specialized massage therapy that takes good care of your skin and drives you towards a state of extreme relaxation and tranquility. A 30 minute of massage therapy is known to eliminate high blood pressure and cortisol.

Once your stress levels are under control your skin will naturally tend to glow. Rubs Spa highly recommends you to eat healthy foods that keep you hydrated.  

The impact of relaxation is well known to those who are affected by stress and anxiety. I myself have undergone stress and have felt how a massage therapy induces relaxation. Massages are a great way to help repose your body and mind in a natural way. The best thing about massage is that you can get it at your comfort zone without the hassle of medications and trying out other stress relief hacks.

Sleeplessness, digestive problems and sometimes headaches are caused by stress. You may be feeling these symptoms while stuck in the hefty traffic of Mumbai or heading toward the stipulated deadline of submitting an important work.

A massage therapy is known to boost certain factors in the body that promote relaxation and overall well-being. The unhealthy hormones build up by the body during a stressful situation can harm your and cause chronic illness.

Massages done at Rubs Spa in Lokhandwala are primarily meant for stress relief and relaxation. The atmosphere of the spa is extremely grandeur that drives you to a state of leisure and recovery. The guest is made to lie in the lap of luxury and then offered a therapy for relaxation and amusement. You can customize any massage here according to your special needs or the therapist at Rubs Spa may also suggest a massage as per the need of the hour.

Rubs Spa in Lokhandwala offers a broad array of relaxing massage therapies induce a new flow energy in your body. If you are obsessed with stress and anxiety you can add a massage to your health and wellness schedule. Call or email us to get an appointment for a relaxing massage. After a massage session of 60-90 minutes at Rubs Spa you will feel the following changes in your body and mind:

  • Improves mental perspective
  • Fortifies positive attitude
  • Enables you to efficiently manage pressure
  • Boosts your mental and physical health
  • After a massage you will experience more creative and calm

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Full Body Massage

Medium Pressure

Massage Oil Or Cream

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