Cross Gender Massage (Couple’s Favorite)

Couple Massage

Luxurious Treat For Couples 

You’ve probably heard about a couple massage somewhere while surfing the web, reading a book or somewhere else. A Couple spa is meant to rejuvenate a fresh flow of energy and well-being in you and your loved one. Getting a couple spa in Mumbai can be the best thing you can do for your partner. It can be great way to make your bonds stronger and add to relationship goals. You can schedule a couple massage at home now.

However, a couple spa is not just meant for a husband and wife or girlfriend and boyfriend, best friends’ moms and daughters and family members can also enjoy the invigorating experience. The massage is practiced in an elegant room that has space for two massage tables and the atmosphere is designed to make you feel marvelous.

Besides offering a relaxing and grandeur massage Rubs Spa provides its guests a favorable environment where they can enjoy a hot water bath and spend some quality time together.


If this is your first time to the spa for Couple massage you must be stricken with a feeling of amazement. Simply scroll down to know how a couple massage begins.

A couple massage begins in a complete grandeur. The room is lit by dim candles that aims at creating an atmosphere of yearning and care. After the massage session you can spend some time in a rose-petal-strewn tub or simply grasp a bottle of Champagne. The massage usually intends towards relaxation rather than curing an ailment. 

Couple Massage At Home

It’s a Sunday or a day off from work! You are willing to skip your trip to the spa for massage. No need to worry we are here to create a spa at home. Just call or email us for a home service and get a couple massage at home with your comfort zone. You can schedule a massage and get an environment like a spa created at home

Couple Massage Benefits


Couple massage primarily aims at eliminating stress and anxiety. After a massage you will start feeling more comfortable and endeared. The therapist offers massage to the couple in a snug surrounding, you can choose to have a conversation or keep still during the massage session. Our therapists are always ready to follow your requirements and make your feel homely.

A couple spa may be performed at home or in the luxuries of Rubs Spa. The massage is not only offered to intimate couples but also friends and family members can take a massage together. It is also called a duet or duo massage.

A couple massage is done in a cozy room where there is space for two tables. The therapists asks about your special requirements and customizes your massage as per your needs. The massages induces a flow of bonding and romance in your relationship.

There will be two therapist (we offer cross gender massage session). A female masseuse for male and a male masseur for female. Both the therapist will synchronize the session to make it more appealing and relaxing.  

We have been offering couple massage since a half decade! The drawbacks of a couple massage depend upon the mindset of the guest. Some really love to get a massage with their loved ones while some find it distracting if there is someone else beside them during a massage therapy.

If you love talking during a massage, this would probably be the best massage for you. While concluding I must say that a couple massage is sometimes greatly effective to strengthen your relationship and impel a flow of love and affection.  

The price of the couple spa in Mumbai at Rubs Spa depends upon the length of the massage session. The comforts and elegance offered during the massage also decide the price. 

60 minutes each session  = 5000/-

90 minutes each session = 6000/-

2 hours each session = 8000/-

You can book a couple spa in Mumbai (massage) at Rubs Spa through phone or email. We are available at your service all 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Get in touch with us to schedule a massage.