Stress Relief & Healing Massage (Women’s Favorite)

Lomi Lomi Massage

Our Signature Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage is not the same as before, at Rubs Spa the massage is done for extreme relaxation and comfort. The body massage is of a spiritual form, enough to repose your soul and body. ‘Lomi Lomi’ just means massage, however at Rubs Spa the massage is done to completely offer you a relaxed and reposed feeling. The massage was originated in Hawaii, till this date it is practiced in almost all parts of the world.  The traditional massage technique involves an instinctive and free form technique. It means to rub and knead the muscles.

The Lomi Lomi massage or ‘Loving Hands Massage’ comprises of a spiritual technique that is deployed on the term ‘Huna’. Now you must be wondering ‘What is Huna’. Huna means secret, and has a primary goal of finding harmony in every aspect of your life. If all your efforts to get rid of stress have failed you can visit Rubs Spa and take a relaxing Lomi Lomi Massage.

This full body massage commences with a moment of rest and ease between the therapist and the client. The therapist will ask you to lay face down on the professional couch or table and lubricate your body with the high end massage oil. Now he or she will rest his hands on the client’s back then ask you about your special requirements and  whatever healing is needed to take place. We offer finest lomi lomi  body massage in andheri west. and all cross Mumbai


Full body massage -Lomi Lomi  involves a wide range of motions. The therapist will ask you to lay on the professional couch and apply massage oil on your back. Continuous fluid strokes are then applied on your body by the palms, elbows and forearms. The strokes will flow from one area of your body to the other.  

The massage specialist uses a delicate and skilled touch in order to apply an even pressure on your body and take special care of the sensible areas. You will provided with a delicate towel for privacy, as required. The products used at Rubs Spa are highly meant to take a special take of your skin and beauty.

After a Lomi Lomi massage you may feel like you are in a heavenly place full of elegance and relaxation. Unlike the regular massage types Lomi Lomi is a special massage that takes a minimalist resemblance with regards to towels on both your body and the table.

You can feel free to walk into our luxurious spa at Lokhandwala Complex, Mumbai or give us a call to book an appointment. We highly recommend you to bring some time, as a typical Lomi Lomi massage can run close to two hours.


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Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage Benefits

Lomi Lomi Massage For Reducing Stress

Stress needs no introduction! It is a universal phenomenon, experienced by every individual. As you may be knowing that stress is doing your body no favors. It often leads to anxiety, depression, headaches, high blood pressure and headaches. However, stress is somewhat common, it provides you the extra energy to do an important work. For example- If you suddenly sense something in front of your car and apply the brakes to avoid a dash. This is due to stress, as a small dose of it can do wonders.

At a certain points of time stress is tolerable but a constant stress can turn into distress. It can be the reason behind chronic diseases and cause serious illness. A massage can help relax your body and soul. The strokes involved in a stress relief massage aim at reposing the painful and tight muscles and have positive effects on your mind

Signs of Stress

Studies have discovered that stress can have grave changes on your behavior, body and mood. We have listed all the changes your body and mind might undergo while ostentatious by stress:

How does Massage Therapy Reduce Stress

At Rubs Spa all the massages are practiced with the primary goal of stress relief. The opulence atmosphere of the spa lets you feel relieved and offer you a heavenly feeling. Simply read below to know how a Stress Relief massages goes all about.

As you enter our Spa the therapist will ask you about your special requirements and medical ailments. If you have any other needs you can customize your massage to get the most benefit. Now you will be asked to lie on the professional massage table with a sheet or towel on your body for privacy purposes.


The stress relief therapy encompasses various techniques. The therapist may apply pressure on the trigger points with the hands, feet or elbows. Sometimes the stress relief massage is fused with a Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi or Sports Massage. 

Benefits of Stress Relief Massage

All your efforts to get rid of stress have gone in vain? A massage might do all the benevolence. According to studies a massage promotes well-being and relaxation. A stress relief massage is highly effective in reposing your mind and body. Stress often affects your shoulders, neck and head, a massage can relax these muscles and drive out stress from your body.

Massage encourages muscle relaxation. Shoulder and neck tension, jaw pain and headache is a common sign of stress. The massage strokes primarily focus on boosting the blood flow in these muscles and breaks up the things that are causing you discomfort.

A Stress Relief massage at Rubs Spa naturally fights against stress. Stress upraises the breathing rate, heart rate and muscle tension. A massage can lower your anxiety levels and brings your body’s functioning to normal.

If you are often preoccupied with stress, you can get a Rubs Spa membership and aide with everyday stress and anxiety. Our therapists at Rubs Spa can customize your stress relief massage to nurse your personal requirements and make the therapy more compelling.