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Rubs Spa body massage Andheri west creates a serene atmosphere at your dwelling where one can take a massage to help body relax and unwind mind. Our spa has turned to be the best venue for body and mind relaxation. The massage at home services offered by our therapists are loved by a lot of female customers. Rubs Spa is a beautiful spa for body massage Andheri West and all cross Mumbai. Here we offer 24×7  massage at home in Andheri west services where we create a spa like atmosphere at your home. Couples as well as singles can get a luxurious massage in an extremely relaxing atmosphere fabricated by our therapists.

The customer can select from a variety of massages that fits their needs or you can also customize a full body massage with the help of our experts at Rubs Spa. Our valuable clients are always welcome to enjoy our hospitality and authentic massage. Rubs Spa is an easily accessible and solace place for a luxurious massage and stress relief.

Since 2013, our massage specialists and experts at Rubs Spa have been dedicated to offering the best body massage in Mumbai. The massages done here offer myriad benefits to the body and soul.


No one can deny the fact that a massage has plenty of health benefits. Full body massage is considered to be one of the crucial things you need to heal an ailment, right? Because what we have seen so far is, when all our efforts to heal health issues have gone in vain we conclude with a massage. But, I bet there was once a time when a massage was done to cure all kinds of disorders. These days massage has been just a source of relaxation and elegance. The fact is we all love to visit a massage parlor or spa on special occasions or weekends just to repose our body and soul.

Rubs Spa is always delighted to offer its guests a best massage for stress relief and promote relaxation. However, you might not be aware of the fact that a full body massage is highly efficient for healing of a wide range of disarrays in the body. Massage is beyond a lazing experience, it has a lot of alleviating powers. Just scroll down and know the health benefits of a massage.

A massage is known to make your body see off pain.  The strokes involved in a full body massage eliminate back pain, shoulder pain, help in curing arthritis, improve sleep, and heal pain due to muscle soreness and other muscle disorders. It is more effective in eliminating pain than any other medication or technique. Moreover, some medications like a pain killer can have side effects on your body while a massage is completely natural. The techniques involved in a full body massage therapy not only bring relief from all sorts of pain but also drive your body and soul towards a heavenly state of harmony.

This is no less than a health benefit! A bad mood can be a cause of stress and anxiety which can eventually lead to chronic illness. Full body massage  can regulate a good mood and help you to hit your goals harder. This is because massage regulates a better flow of blood and oxygen into your body. After a massage you may be feeling fresh and filled with energy to start a new work.

One of the proven benefits of a massage therapy is better sleep. A study in the American Health Journal has stated that a major portion of the people who visit spa for massage or avail massage at home tend to experience a better sleep. Behind a better sleep there is regulated hormone level and increased levels of serotonin. This leads to a better sleep cycle and helps the human body to remain healthy.

Fibromyalgia may be a curse that accompanies pain and fatigue. Curing this ailments through a medicine could be a lengthy process. However, a full body massage can be of great help for a Fibromyalgia treatment. In most of the cases a massage works. It acts as a pain killer lowering pain and stress hormones.

Although massage is a great way to keep your body and mind healthy, it’s not that easy, you need to take a massage on a regular basis. This is much better than those unnatural medications and drugs to boost your health and well-being. Call or email Rubs Spa to book an appointment for a massage. We are always anxious to serve our guests

Back Massage

Because Stress can have devastating effects on your body and leave you a prey to serious illness, it is vital to release it. At Rubs Spa massage is considered an elegance and luxury. For some back massage may be an action of opulence, something you may enjoy at a grandeur spa or massage center. The luxurious atmosphere of the spa lets you experience intense relaxation and seraphic feeling. However a back massage aims at relieving pain and improving mobility.

Back Massage is commonly practiced throughout the globe and is known for healing low back pain and inducing a fresh flow of energy into your body. Studies by the ‘National Institute of Health’ recently published in the ‘Annals of Medicine’ seeks attention. It was justified that a back massage is highly effective for relaxation and curing muscle pain. It is somewhat surprising that a back massage works well that any other treatment and the benefits derived are pretty much impressive.

You may have chosen to get a full body massage or your doctor might have suggested you to take a massage for relieving stress, healing back pain or other muscle injuries. A back massage would be the best, since the nerves runs through your back.

How does a Back Massage Begins

A Back massage begins on a professional massage table or couch. The professional asks you to lie face down with a delicate towel for privacy. You must inform the therapist about any injuries or ailments. If you have any special requirements you can customize your massage with the help of the professional.

The therapist lubricates your body with massage oil to warm up the back muscle tissues. Then he/she applies massage oil on your back and spreads it uniformly. Then pressure is applied on the back to release tension and cure muscle pain.

Benefits of Back Massage

Specially For Frequent Flyers (Custom Made session)

Jet Lag Massage

Just landed in Mumbai? Plane journeys are quite exciting but they haul a downside, commonly known as ‘Jet Lag’. Can you relate to this scenario, you have just arrived into the city, headed towards your residing place but perturbed with a headache or such? The deadline given to complete your work is fast approaching but you are preoccupied with a Jet Lag. Such ailments can be a hindrance to your goals, a massage at Rubs Spa can help you get rid of Jet Lag.  

Rubs Spa highly recommends you to stay away from caffeine and painkillers as these might have some side effects. Instead of trying out these ways you can visit Rubs Spa and take a Jet Lag massage in the opulence of the massage center. As Mumbai has new visitors every day we have a special Jet Lag massage for our guests

What Happens During Jet Lag Massage

The massage offered at Rubs Spa primarily aims at fixing your jet lag problems, curing insomnia and promote relaxation. Jet Lags often tends to be more than just a tiredness, it can make you lethargic, cause nausea and can even spoil your holiday.

The therapist will ask you about your special requirements and then customize your massage according to your requirements. Then he/she will ask you to lie on the professional massage table or couch. The therapist will then lubricate your body with essential massage oils and apply strokes with palms and hands to brace certain pressure points in your body. These boost lymph flow and drain out toxins from your body.

How to Get Best Results from a Jet Lag Massage

If you often fall prey to a Jet Lag you must keep the following things in mind.

Pregnancy Massage

How your body will look after you have given birth to a baby? This would probably be one of those common questions every woman must be soliciting for. Pregnancy is usually a very mysterious condition and sometimes after delivering a baby you might be suffering from muscle and joint pain. Postpartum massage is given to a female just after she delivers a baby. Postpartum massage is commonly a therapy given to relax the body and heal certain points. One may be anticipating extreme relief from a massage

Postpartum massage is known to be highly beneficial as a post pregnancy massage. The bodywork is highly favorable and will surprise you with the after effects. Rubs Spa offers its guests with professional massage therapists who know how to take care of your body.

Massage is a very common practice and is widely known for its relaxing effects, reducing stress and anxiety. However a Postpartum massage has some eccentric benefits. The massage enhances hormone regulation, helps in a better sleep, improves breast feeding and reduces swelling. Now you must be wondering ‘How the massage does goes about?’  Simply scroll down to read how is a postpartum massage carried out.

How does the Postpartum Massage Begin

Rubs Spa is a magnificent massage center that practices massages for elegance and comfort. A Postpartum Massage is however done for taking special care of the newbie mother. Before the massage begins the therapist will ask you about any ailments or special requirements. Then he/she will ask you to change and put a delicate towel for privacy.

The professional will lubricate your body with essential massage oils and then gently applies pressure on your pelvic muscles. The added pressure on your skin causes stretch marks and sometimes pain. Movements involved in the massage aim at restoring your body to your pre -pregnancy conditions.

Benefits of the Postpartum Massage

A Massage To Get Ride Of Headache 

Head Massage

Headaches are a common phenomenon over the world. Almost every person is dealing with stress and this causes anxiety and chronic headache. However, dealing with stress is quite difficult, some try out medications like a pill or caffeine. These are helpful only for a short period of time, once the effect of these medications diminish your headache will again be your inseparable companion. Headaches are one of the most common ailments people are suffering with. But a massage can be a helping source for eliminating headache.  

This might sound something interesting. Now you may be wondering how a massage can help in relieving headaches. A massage is unlike a medication such as an aspirin or acetaminophen, its after effect does not wear off soon. So if you are looking for an effective way to get rid of headaches a massage would probably be the best healing source.

How does a Massage treat Headache

A masseuse treats a headache by targeting the trigger points in the body. Swedish massage techniques involve strokes that aim at curing migraines and chronic headaches. Certain points of the body are connected with the points that cause pain in your head. The therapist puts pressure on the neck, lower part of the skull and the top parts of the neck.

A headache can spoil your day! It has been studied that a headache, especially migraines effect the whole body and so have a devastating effect on your everyday schedule. If all your efforts to get rid of a headache have proved ineffective you can try out a massage. Here are some of the major benefits of a massage therapy.

Did you know that stress is the main culprit behind a headache? If you are frequently effected by a headache then it is evident that you are stressed. A headache massage treats depression and anxiety. Rather than targeting your head, a massage for eliminating headaches is executed with the whole body work. After a therapy you will feel low on stress, be relaxed and experience better sleep cycles.

Studies at Rubs Spa have proven that guests who focus on deep breathing during the therapy often fall asleep in the first 30 minutes. If you are aiming to move towards relaxation then you must fix a massage therapy into your weekly schedule.

A headache might not allow you to sleep properly. This is quite irritating and does not allow you to hit your goals. If you do not treat your headache it would turn into a serious ailment and cause a wide range of disorders. A massage therapy not only treats a migraine but also reduces stress levels, better mind functioning and much more.

People usually prefer caffeine, aspirin and other such drugs over a massage. For common headaches a massage is the best treatment. Drugs may prove handy in eliminating a severe headache but in return they cause you acne, weight gain and other side effects.

A massage is completely natural and offers you a broad array of benefits apart from kicking off your migraine and headache

Everyone loves to be happy! A headache can hinder your mood thus making your behavior ill towards your dear ones. Once your relationships begin suffer due to the ailment your happiness seems to be gone. This is indeed sad, but you can help yourself with a healing therapy.  

Therapists at Rubs spa are skilled enough to let you see off headache and boost your mood.

Massage for finding relief from Headache

If you are looking for the answer to this question ‘Can a Massage Relieve Headaches?’ Studies have proven that a massage is an effective tool to make your free from a headache and instigate a fresh flow of energy so that you hit your goals harder.

Headache especially causes too much tension in the neck and forehead. A massage can drive out stress from these muscles hence, decreasing the need for any medication. The strokes involved in a relaxing massage aim at healing the muscle tissues and driving your body and soul towards a state of relaxation. A recent study has shown that a massage therapy heals a wide range of ailments that help in a better sleep and better regulation of mood.

Clients at Rubs Spa have reported that a massage for eliminating headache was a great success. Sometimes the points causing you headache may be your jaws, shoulders and sometimes hips. The therapist at Rubs spa would look after your special needs and treat these points to relieve headache

Benefits of Head Massage

Thai Massage

Massage has been considered as a healing technique that has plenty of health benefits. At Rubs Spa massages are practiced for the reduction of stress, relaxation and rejuvenation. Thai Massage is one of the most common massages searched on the internet. The massage completely lets you have a different experience. The after effects of the massage are completely different, you will perceive a heavenly feeling for up to 3 days of the massage. It is believed that ‘Shivago Komarpaj’ a Buddhist discovered Thai massage.

When you think of massage, a traditional form of massage must be pictured in your mind! Rubs Spa offers an extremely elegant atmosphere to its guests where they can enjoy a Thai Massage. The massage is done for complete comfort. However the massage is completely a different experience and is very prominent.

A Thai Massage can be carried out dry where the therapist applies gentle pressure on your body and manipulates your muscles. A dry Thai Massage can be also performed in a yoga form where the therapist stretches your body through yoga postures. The other form of Thai massage is done with the use of essential oils. The therapist targets the trigger points of your body and applies pressure on some points on the body. Studies at Rubs Spa have proven that a Thai Massage session of 60 minutes can make the guest feel amazing and the positive effects of the massage lasts for at least 3 days.

How does a Thai Massage Begins

You must be wondering ‘what is the massage all about?’ As I have said earlier the massage can be done in Yoga form or with the use of massage oils, depending on the need of the hour. Simply scroll down and you are just a second away to know how a Thai massage carried out.

Before you go ahead for a massage wear a loose chino or pants and a flexible t-shirt in order to allow your body move around comfortably. Inform the therapist if you have any injuries on your body or suffering from any medical ailments. The Thai massage session should not last longer than 60 minutes.  Breathe in and out as the Yoga postures require a good breathing.

The therapist will ask you to lie down on a professional massage couch or a homely floor mat. He/she will then gently apply pressure on the trigger points with the palms. After that you will be guided through some yoga postures that aid in relaxing the muscles, improve your mobility and relieve persistent stiffness. The Yoga poses involved during the massage targets at reducing your overall stress and instigate relaxation. Some studies have proven that a Thai massage not only helps you relax your body but also helps in making a person reduce psychological stress. Continue reading to know why a Thai Massage is good for you!

Benefits of the Thai Massage

Aroma Massage

Are you looking for a massage that puts less stress on your body or does not involve the general massage movements? An Aroma massage is enough to make you feel relaxed from all kinds of anxiety and stress. Aroma Massage is a massage practice done with the natural oils extricated from leaves, bark, stem and flowers. The massage is of a different form, it reposes your body and soul with a touch of the cosmos. The massage however does not aim at healing any spots in your body, it is for extreme relaxation and comfort.

At Rubs Spa the Aroma Massage is done in a lavish atmosphere with pure natural oils and clearance products. Once your take a massage your body and soul will be reposed in a natural alley. The oils used at Rubs Spa contain over 3,000 natural essential oils with great therapeutic calibers. The massage oils are known to make the clients get rid of their stress and drive their body and soul towards complete relaxation. The Aroma massage may last from 30 to 90 minutes, you can also extend the duration of the therapy if you wish.

As always Rubs Spa offers its clients a very friendly and elegant atmosphere where they can enjoy an Aromatherapy. If you are willing get a massage for relaxation and elegance you are just a step away from booking an appointment. Feel free to give a call or just walk in our Spa at Lokhandwala Complex, Mumbai.

How to do Aroma Massage

At Rubs Spa the Aromatherapy massage is done in a lavish surrounding. The massage specialist will ask you to lie on the professional massage table with a towel over you for privacy purposes and ask you about any special requirements and any part of your body to take special care of. If you have injuries on a certain part of your body you must inform the therapist for special care. You may also have a conversation with the massage specialist for a customized massage according to your special requirements.

The therapist will now lubricate your body with the natural massage oil and rub it on your body with gentle movements. He/she may also tenderly rub the massage oil on your back, hips and knees.

In the next step the Aromatherapy specialist will use his/her fingers, wrists and knuckles to allay tension from your body, and warm the muscles.

The massage then goes up till the neck and head. All the movements involved are carried on with special care and done excluding the sensitive areas such as throat or any injured part of the body.

After the massage session is over you can enjoy a hot water bath at the magnificence of Rubs Spa. Go ahead and book a massage appointment at Rubs Spa to indulge yourself in a relaxing therapy.

Benefits of an Aroma Massage

The most common and widespread benefit of Aromatherapy is Stress Relief. The therapy is enough to make you see off your stress and relax your body and soul.

An Aromatherapy eliminates depression from your life. As discusses earlier the therapy is practiced for relaxation and elegance. The high end natural oils have a pleasant effect on your body which make you feel luxuriate.

The aroma of the essential oils used in an Aromatherapy is highly effective in eliminating depression. The therapy leads to release of hormones that provide unbend your body and soul. Essential oils help in making you optimistic, joyous and releases anti-depressant hormones

If you have been too much pre-occupied in your everyday work an Aromatherapy is a must for relaxation. Once you take a therapy you will get a good sleep and will be able to maintain a balanced sleep schedule.

The plant extracts involved in an Aromatherapy are great at impelling a better sleep. Lavender, sage, root, frankincense and bergamot are known to deaden stress and make the body move to a heavenly state. Thus, you will experience better sleep cycles.

The components in an essential oil such as rose, bergamot, lavender and plant extracts can succor in reducing anxiety through their aroma. These oils have been proven helpful in reducing stress levels during pregnancy. Studies have evinced that women who take an Aromatherapy before labor are more likely to be affected by stress and anxiety.

Aromatherapy is a natural remedy for getting rid of a headache. Instead of using unnatural ways of curing a headache try out an Aromatherapy. Essentials oils are great pain killers which kick off your headache without any side effects.

Rubs Spa offers its guests the opportunity to try out all the essential oils and then decide which one works the best. So, next time you are into our spa we can help you discover the best essential oil for an aromatherapy

The therapy drives up your energy levels that succor you to do much better in your everyday life. The natural oils used during the therapy are the reason for enhancing blood circulation in your body, increase energy level and brace the mind and body.

Now you must be knowing much about what is Aroma Massage and how it is done. While some must be wandering about the benefits of the massage. As always your therapist is here to offer you with all the desired information and help you relax your body and soul.

If you summarize the Aromatherapy Massage experience you will come to the point that the is meant for extreme relaxation and comfort. If you are too much obsessed with your daily schedule you can visit Rubs Spa and take a sigh of relief with an Aromatherapy Massage.

The massage has plenty of psychological be benefits, which tend to make you enjoy while experiencing an Aromatherapy. It has some effects on your sense organs that affect your mental and physical harmony.

Scroll down to know the benefits of the fascinating massage therapy.

What are Essential Oils

A lot of people wonder what these essential oils are. We understand your concern, as it is natural to get a detailing of these oils before visiting the spa for your next massage session.

Essential Oils are naturally extricated from the barks, stems, leaves, flowers, roots and other parts of plants. These are no less than a medicine which is highly effective for boosting your mood and overall well-being.

When used during an Aromatherapy the oils turn out to have a lot of positive effects on your skin, heal ailments and drive you to a state of relaxation. These oils are a powerful antiseptic lotion packing a lot of healing elements.

Essentials oils are not just lotions which smell marvelous, they aid in healing your muscle tissue, enhance skin tone and drive you towards tranquil. Essential oils used in Rubs Spa are completely natural and have a positive effect on your hormone system.

The impact of Aromatherapy is well known to those who have been experiencing it since a long time. An Aromatherapy is a great way to boost your overall health and build a healthy state of mind. The best thing about an aromatherapy is that it is performed with the use of natural essential oils which have a legion of benefits. Most of the people are wondering about the benefits of an Aromatherapy. Why? Because the therapy has a lot of therapeutic benefits which might leave you to wonder ‘how it works’.

Rubs Spa has dedicated this post to you for detailing the benefits of Aromatherapy.

Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda Massage is an ancient massage practiced commonly in India. The massage is known for its healing and relaxing powers. At Rubs Spa the massage is done to decrease stress levels and boost the your mental and physical harmony. An Ayurveda Massage can aid in weight loss and relive you from stress. ‘Ayurveda’ was primarily originated in India meaning ‘Science of Life’. It is one of the most ancient massage practices in the world.

The ancient lifestyle practice targets to erect euphony within the body. Ayurveda massage is mainly practiced in India since 400 years. The massage form covers your whole body with natural oils and clearance products. It involves movements such as squeezing, tapping and kneading. However, therapists at Rubs Spa determine the movements according to the requirements and special ailments of the guest.

You can visit our Spa and take an Ayurveda Massage in the comforts of the place. Before the massage session begins you must inform the therapist if you have any injuries or any part of the body requires special care. The client is free to customize his/her massage as per their wants.

How does an Ayurveda Massage Works

If you have never experienced an Ayurveda Massage, let me tell you that it is quite different from a regular massage. An Ayurveda massage is be a form of treatment that is developed for the bringing the mind and body into a perfect alignment. During the massage the therapist applies massage oil onto your body and works on your energy channels to warm your muscles and enhance your consciousness.

The massage is then carried with the application of warm oil and long strokes with the palm and forearms. Ayurveda massage will let you experience a deeper feeling of healing and relaxation. The massage oils used during an Ayurveda massage contain very small oil molecules that easily penetrate the muscles tissues and drains out toxins from the body and help the body feel relaxed. However massages at Rubs Spa are done for relaxation and elegance you can visit us to get rid of anxiety and other disorders.

How does the Massage Begins

This is one of the most searched questions on the internet. If this is your first time to Rubs Spa for an Ayurveda Massage you must be wandering ‘How does the Massage Begins?’ The therapy will begin with a consultation with your massage therapist. You must inform him/her if you have any injuries on any part of the body. After the confidential lifestyle and health consultation you will be asked to lie down on the professional massage table.

The Ayurveda massage can last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, however you can customize the massage by consulting the therapist. You will be covered with a soft towel and the therapist will apply light heated massage oil on your body. It is then carried out with long strokes with the palms and forearms.  

Rubs Spa recommends you to take off your jewelry and other such ornaments as them may make your feel uncomfortable during the massage session. Bear in mind that you are going to feel extremely relaxed after the Ayurveda therapy, so have a great time at the elegant atmosphere of Rubs Spa!

Book an appointment or simply walk in for a massage.

How is a Ayurveda Massage Performed

Rubs Spa offers a very elegant surrounding to its clients where they and relax and enjoy a massage. The therapists here are too friendly, you can have a talk and tell about your special requirements, you can also extend the massage duration if you wish to.

The therapist will ask you to change your clothes, and put a soft towel for privacy. You will be then asked to lie down on the professional massage table and the massage will begin. He/she will lubricate your body with the natural oils used in the Ayurveda Massage.

If you are willing to get an Ayurveda massage you are just a few minutes away from booking an appointment. Call, email or walk into our luxurious spa at Lokhandwala Complex, Mumbai.  


Massage sometimes works as the most prominent factor behind the relaxation of your body and soul, this gives our guests ample amount of reasons to visit our luxurious spa and get an Ayurveda massage. If you have heard about the Ayurveda massage before then you must be knowing that the massage is quite different from other massage techniques. Scroll down and you are just a step away from discovering the benefits of the massage.

Massage these days is not the same anymore. Unlike few years back, when massages were done for curing and one could drive decent health benefits from it, Rubs Spa offers massages to its guests to luxuriate and relax their body and soul. An Ayurveda massage is undoubtedly the most powerful massage for relaxation and stress relief. Ayurveda Massage is an ancient massage practiced for driving stress out of your body. The massage is known for its healing and lazing powers. At Rubs Spa the massage is done to decrease stress levels and boost the your mental and physical harmony. An Ayurveda Massage can aid in weight loss and relive you from stress. ‘Ayurveda’ primarily means ‘Science of Life’. It is one of the most ancient massage practices in the world.

The ancient lifestyle practice targets to erect euphony within the body. Ayurveda massage is mainly practiced in India since 400 years. The massage form covers your whole body with natural oils and clearance products. It involves movements such as squeezing, tapping and kneading. However, therapists at Rubs Spa determine the movements according to the requirements and special ailments of the guest.

Foot Reflexology

Finding a relaxing massage for your foot is a big challenge. Every individual who has been preoccupied with a lot of work and has no time to repose looks for a spa or massage center. Rubs Spa offers its guests Foot Reflexology massage that helps them to feel free from anxiety and stress. The massage has plenty of positive effects on the body as feet is considered to be the center of the energy channels in the body. Most of the human body parts are analogous to the foot and a Foot Reflexology massage braces all the corresponding parts, thus makes the massage similar to a full body massage.

The Foot Reflexology massage was originated in China and is also popular among the ancient Egyptians. Reflexology means ‘Touch Science’. The therapist stimulates pressure on the reflex points of your body with the wrist and palms. Usually the massage is used on the foot to promote relaxation and well-being.

As you go ahead with reading the article you must know that a Foot Reflexology massage at Rubs Spa is done for stress relief, healing muscle pain and headache. These days we succumb to anxiety and stress and find no way to get out of it. Book an appointment at Rubs Spa or walk in for a Foot Reflexology massage and clinch a heavenly feeling

How does Foot Reflexology Massage Begins

In a Foot Reflexology Massage the therapist will ask you lay on the professional massage table and apply forest essential oils or massage oil on your foot. Now he/she does various massage strokes with the wrist and palms in order to release tension, relax the muscle tissues and heal the broken muscle knots. A Foot Reflexology massage of 60 to 90 minutes can bring you extreme relaxation and relief from muscle pain.

Before the massage begins you must talk with your therapist and tell about your special needs. The massage therapist you ask you about any injuries or media ailments to take special care during the massage. Things the therapist might ask includes – allergies, conditions like pregnancy, muscle damage or wounds

Benefits of the Foot Reflexology Massage

Applying pressure on the specific zones on the hands and feet releases energy in the body and induces relief and overall freshness. This leads to the better functioning of the body and heals some ailments like headache and muscle tension. Simply scroll down to know more benefits of the Foot Reflexology Massage.