Is Massage equivalent to Medicine?

Did you know that a massage was once the central part of a treatment? Massage therapies have taken the medical world by a storm. Being a curious person you need to ensure that a massage has a broad array of benefits over a medication. Getting treated with a medicine is usually a common phenomenon for all of us. Want me to share some information that proves whether a massage therapy can be considered medicine? If yes then simply scroll down to read the post below.

Massage has been practiced in almost all parts of the world since a long time. It is a thing that has been existing even before the discovery of medicines. If you go back to read the ancient culture you will find that a massage has been a part of treatments since then. Chinese medical texts and Egyptian tombs justify that a massage therapy has been treating people since the ancient times

Does a Massage pack the properties of a medicine?

This is a question that seeks attention. Well, a lot of people might be wondering whether a massage is as great as a medicine. Massage therapy is suggested by doctors for many ailments such as neck pain, back pain, arthritis and more. If you research you will find that many of the countries that make up the North America do not consider massage as a treatment. As a result a lot of patients there are not able to find the right treatment.

Here is a better explanation that states why a massage therapy should be treated no less than a medicine.

What is medicine?

Before coming to any conclusion you must know what is a medicine? However, this is a very tangled thing. Medicine is a science that is developed for working towards healing and prevention of ailments. In countries like North America a medication is considered different from a massage. Insurance policies do not cover a massage.

Massage has different properties, despite they are not considered as a medicine in some parts of the world a massage therapy is effective at curing a broad array of ailments.

Massage Therapy cures Ailments

Massage therapy lacks attention! Sad but true people often neglect a massage over medicines. Despite of the laxity a massage is handy in curing a wide range of ailments such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Considering a massage therapy as a medicine is worth a million. Moreover, through a therapy one can find relief from muscle pain, and other such disorders. 

A massage therapy has been shown to cure the following disorders:

Is Massage Therapy Helping Patients                            

This is indeed true that a massage therapy still lacks the deserved attention. People often do not consider a massage over a medicine. Studies have shown that a massage has helped patients suffering from chronic pain and digestion problems.

If you are a massage lover this would make you pretty excited! More people are now demanding to fit a massage therapy in their treatment.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

How Massage Therapy brings you Relief

Do you want the easiest treatment that brings relief? Or do your want to find a natural way to get rid of stress and anxiety? Of course ‘Yes’ everyone desires for something like this. Stress has been a part of living as almost every activity involves stress. Whether you sit in the office or drive in the traffic every activity causes strain. Some might be unaware of how a massage therapy bring relief from stress. Movements involved in a massage target the trigger points that relieve depression.

Massage is the winner when it comes to finding relief from stress and anxiety. While a massage is the easiest way to seek relaxation, the procedure involves a hassle free schedule and calm mind. Stress proves hazardous for your body. It hampers your mental state, causes headaches, increased blood pressure, nausea, anxiety, headaches, chest pain, fatigue and tension.

If you are in a state of stress for a long time you may experience frequent changes in mood that may include- anger, lack of inspirational thoughts and eating disorders. Once you start experiencing these symptoms it is high time for you. Get in touch with a massage therapist and get an appointment. A regular massage therapy is enough to drive you to state of tranquil.

Increased Benefits of a Massage

Apart from providing relief from pain a massage has a wide range of benefits. While a therapy the body releases endorphins that are responsible for enhancing one’s mood, provide better sleep and relaxation. The fresh oxygenated blood that is supplied to the muscles sweeps away metabolic waste and make you agile.

The next time you feel the symptoms of stress feel free to call or email us for an appointment. You can escape the state of stress with the healing touch of a therapy. The guest may choose to listen to some good music or read a magazine with getting a massage. Simply lay down on the massage table and lead the therapist as per your requirement. We are sure you would wake up with a happy mood and filled with liveliness

Massage and Relief

You may have tried medications such as aspirin and Prozac to find relief from stress and headache. A massage not only eliminates stress but also takes good care of your overall well-being. Massage aids in deadening the muscle spasms which take place when the thoracic and rib bones become immobile. Putting pressure on the gluteal muscle during a therapy ransoming tension in the tissues.

A Swedish Massage or a Back Massage are some massage therapies that target at driving stress out of your body. After a massage session of 30-90 minutes your body will be function as never before. The after effects of the therapy includes fresh flow of oxygen, increased blood flow into the muscles.