What Should I Wear When I Get a Massage?

‘What Should I Wear When I Get a Massage?’ This is the most common question people search on the internet! Furthermore, I have got a large heap of emails seeking answers to the same query. Rubs Spa understands your concern, as for a massage you need to be bare bodied. You are alone in the parlor room with an unknown therapist who works on your body.

This is un-natural especially for the ones who are into a spa for the first time. An outfit during a massage depends on the type of massage and the therapist. Some clients prefer to just have a towel over their body while some like to keep their body totally covered. This is determined by the bodywork and is up to the guest and his/her com. However, Rubs Spa has brought you all the dress and undress options that would be you feel comfortable.

Keep your Body Covered

If you are a shy kind of person who would never wish to remove clothes for an unknown person to give them a massage then this is for you. Talk to your therapist and ask him/her to provide you a massage with your body dressed. This also has some downsides, the therapists would not be able to work to the fullest. This is so because when your body is naked the therapist get a better touch and is able to produce strokes that work on every individual muscle.

However, no need to worry the biggest thing is your comfort levels, if you are not comfortable while undressing you must feel free to take a massage with loose and stretchable clothes on.

Bare, but not completely

Some guests just like to undress the upper body, especially in a back massage or a deep tissue massage. This is fine, as most of the women like to have the bottom wear on while a massage session. Being partially bare also keeps you modest on the other hand offers the therapist an opportunity to get his healing hands in close contact to your skin.

No Cloths

Used to a massage? If the answer is yes, you might not be shy to undress yourself and just have a delicate towel on your body for privacy. This has great benefits as the therapist is free to work on your body with long and uninterrupted strokes.

Leaving yourself bare does not mean hindering your privacy. The therapist leaves the room asking you to change your clothes and put a towel on your private areas. Once you are done you can call the therapist or he/she will knock the door before entering. So you need not worry as the therapist will always take care of your privacy.

Despite the dressing options comes your health and comfort. It must be all about going forth and relaxing. If you do not feel comfortable while undressing in front of the therapist that’s no matter of concern. Therapists at Rubs Spa can adapt in according to any state of clothing you choose to be in.