Sleep Issues might leave you restless and stricken with ill health. Who doesn’t like to get a sleep with a touch of quietude? Of course everyone! As food, a sleep is also equally important, it fuels our body for a fresh start of the day and makes you ready to hit your goals harder.

A massage has been proved highly effective for treating insomnia. It kicks off stress and depression. As per the National Sleep Foundation, the recommended sleep hours for adults of 26-64 is seven hours to nine hours a day. However, for certain individuals it may go up to 10 hours.

If you take a deeper look you will find that almost 40 percent of the people fail to get adequate sleep. This is because of too much work load or sometimes may be due to some ill health conditions. This truly hampers your body and mind’s performance and drive you towards a state of bad mood.

Now this is time to discuss the ill effects of inadequate sleep. This is however a wide topic to be discussed. Sleep disorders are proved to be the cause of heart diseases, high blood diseases, uneven heartbeat, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes. Studies have shown that almost every other person who is effected with these medical conditions report that they are unable to take adequate sleep.  

Not only these ill sleeping hours can make you age fast, affect your sex drive, hinder your memory and cause accidents. Let’s see how a massage works for curing sleep disorders.

How Massage
for Curing
Sleep Issues

When you get an appointment at Rubs Spa. Talk to our therapist regarding your sleep disorders and he/she will customize a massage that would work towards healing all these ailments. Taking a massage at regular intervals not only cures anxiety and pain but also helps eliminating depression and a better regulation of sleep.

Deprivation of sleep sometimes proves hazardous for your health. There are certain kinds of hormones that cause pain, these are activated when you are unable to sleep for the required hours. This changes with a massage. When you receive a massage therapy these chemicals are drained out of the body, thus making you relaxed and offers you a touch of serenity.

More Benefits of a Massage to Eliminate Sleep Disorders

Despite of being quite different from a medication a massage promotes deep sleep. Moreover, a massage can prove helpful in fighting against arthritis, improve your posture, enhance your immune system and cure headache.

Fit a massage in your weekly schedule and provide yourself a lot of sources for a healthy life.