Finding a massage for relaxation is a headache, isn’t it? There are many well-known massages done at Rubs Spa. And these commonly known massages are pretty good there are other massages like Shiatsu Massage that can make you feel rid of stress and balances the energy flow in the body. Shiatsu massage was originated in Japan and is practiced with the use of palms and hands. The technique involved in Shiatsu Massage helps relieve stress and anxiety and drives you towards relaxation.

The word Shiatsu means ‘Finger Pressure’. ‘Shi’ means finger and ‘Astu’ refers to pressure. The Japanese massage therapy includes the use of thumbs, palms and feet to apply pressure on the body of the client. Shiatsu is also performed as an acupressure therapy by some therapists while some know it by its Japanese name. Shiatsu is not alike other common massages which are done of elegance and relaxation. The massage targets at balancing the energy flow in your body and restore a person’s well-being.

If you are wondering whether a Shiatsu massage would be perfect for you. Let me tell you, at Rubs Spa the massage is done to bring you to a state free form anxiety and tension. However, you can speak with the therapist to customize your massage and make it more effective and amusing. We are a luxurious spa based in the heart of the city, you can call or email us to get an appointment for a Shiatsu Massage.

How does a Shiatsu Massage Begins

Once you visit Rubs Spa for a massage, the therapist will ask you about any medical ailments or injuries then urge you to change your clothes and put a delicate towel on your body for privacy. You will be laid on a professional massage couch or table as per the direction of the massage therapist.

The therapist will lubricate your body with a massage oil or lotion. He or she applies pressure on the body of the guest with thumbs and palms. The massage therapist commences a relaxing effect on the body by manipulating the connective tissues and muscles.  

Benefits of the Shiatsu Massage